How To Help

Whether you’re a horse owner or prospective adopter, an equine lover or industry professional, there are many ways to get involved with The Right Horse. Check out the list below to explore how you can help support horses in transition.

Adopt A Horse

Every year, hundreds of thousands of good horses are in transition of career or ownership. By seeking a horse through the sales market, prospective owners unknowingly pass over adoptable horses that are ready candidates and just the horse they are looking for. The Right Horse’s number one mission is connecting prospective horse owners with their right horse – and helping horses in transition get placed in the right home. If you’re considering bringing a horse into your life, we want you to understand that you can find the right horse through adoption. Whatever your wants and needs, your right horse is out there. We’ll help you find them. Click here to learn more.

Become A Messenger

We understand that not everyone has the space, time, or means to adopt a horse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be part of The Right Horse movement. One of the reasons so many sound, adoptable horses are lost each year is a simple lack of awareness. Many prospective horse owners don’t realize the impact of buying through the sales market – and even more, they don’t realize that there are thousands of good, ready, adoptable horses that fit their needs. By becoming a Right Horse messenger, you can use your voice, your story and your social media channels to help horses in transition find the right homes, owners, and opportunities. Share your story or join the conversation.

Connect with A Horse

Often we hear from people they have always wanted to experience a connection with a horse, but just haven’t had the opportunity. We believe there is magic in the bond between a human and a horse and welcome the opportunity to help connect people with horses. The Right Horse has partnered with Time To Ride. Time to Ride is an equine-industry-wide program facilitated by the American Horse Council with the goal of connecting, or reconnecting, people with horses in their local area. Time To Ride features a map on their website to direct you to a riding barn near you. Get started here.


Every horse is not the right horse for every person, but we believe there is a right horse for every person — and that right horse can be found through adoption. When it comes to changing the fate of horses in transition, your voice is a powerful tool. Have a successful adoption story? We want to hear it. Your experience may be the spark that convinces a prospective horse owner to choose adoption. Share your story. Open a mind. Save a life. (Like we said…that voice of yours? Pretty powerful.)

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