Joanne + Baroness

by | Dec 2020 | Story

Breed Georgian Grande

Age 15

Sex Mare

Color Bay

Height 15hh

I work for Horses’ Haven in MI. Through The Right Horse Initiative we partnered with a fellow Adoption Partner, Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, to transfer horses from their area where there are more horses in transition than adopters, to our rescue where we have a running list of adopters waiting to find the right horse.  

I never had plans to get my own horse, I had all the wonderful horses at Horses’ Haven to love on and care for but it has always been a dream to have my very own horse. I have met hundreds of horses in the last eight years at the rescue and though they were all lovely in their own way, I never entertained the idea of adopting. 

On our first trip down to Kentucky Equine Adoption Center we chose three horses to come back with us to find homes for. I had my eye on Baroness even before we made the trip down as a great prospect for our adopters. When I finally met her, I knew there was something special about her and she came back to Horses’ Haven with us.  

I began riding and working with Baroness to get to know her better for our adopters. The more time I spent with her the more it was clear that she was everything I never knew I wanted or needed in a horse. As we were photographing her and making plans to post her on our website. I had this unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach imagining her going to a new home. This was the first time this has ever happened to me. I just knew this was my girl. With the support of my family, who knew I wouldn’t make this decision lightly, we decided to adopt her. I cannot tell you how much joy she brings to my life, I love her to pieces! 

What #RightHorse means to me

A horse who fits your goals as an equestrian, who fits well with your personality, experience and style of training or riding. One that you can see yourself happily partner with and care for throughout their career and retirement. 

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