Katie + Littles + Churro

by | Dec 2020 | Story

Breed Grade Pony and Miniature Pony

Age 3

Sex Mare

Color Bay

Height 13hh

We had always wanted a mini for a pasture companion, pet, and driving. We just waited for the right mini to come along. My daughter and husband joined the Adoption Academy through West Virginia Horse Network. The Adoption Acadamy is an innovative new program that provided us with classes and trainings on horse handling and ownership. Through the amazing program my daughter and husband met Churro. We knew instantly that Churro was meant to be family. Even my non-horse husband took a liking to him and enjoys using his Adoption Academy skills with Churro. 

Churro arrived to West Virginia Horse Network a little wild. Churro would hide in the corner of his stall and was afraid to be touched. I started second guessing my skills to properly train him. I stayed consistent, firm but fair, patient, and I was never afraid to ask for help. A year later and Churro is the biggest cuddlebug. Churro has given a toddler a lead line rides and is working towards training in becoming a service and therapy pony.  

Our two adopted horses from West Virginia Horse Network are perfect as can be. So, we knew adoption was the only solution for our third horse, which would be my daughter’s fun show horse. We were fostering a horse and hoping to adopt her but unfortunately things just wasn’t able to pan out since she wasn’t the right fit. However, our foster horse set the bar high for any future horses.  

My daughter knew exactly what she wanted and was willing to wait for the right partner. For the next year and half, we looked for the right horse to come along. Nothing seemed right with any prospects. One of our foster horses found her right family in Kentucky! With her getting adopted I knew it was perfect time to find my daughter’s right horse. We turned to Right Horse and found the perfect match in Kentucky, 30 minutes from our foster horse’s adopter. We took our foster horse to her new home and brought back my daughter’s new pony. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better pony. Kentucky Humane Society Equine Cares had a great process. They made sure it was a safe match and shared all the background information on her, which is reason enough alone to adopt from a Right Horse Partner. We can’t thank Right Horse Initiative and Kentucky Humane Society Equine Cares enough for making this match possible. My daughter finally found her the right riding pony that matches her needs and skills!  

We couldn’t be more grateful for this little mare. With continued miles she will be perfect as they come. 

What #RightHorse means to me

Right Horse isn’t about finding a perfect horse it’s about finding the right one that matches your skills and needs. 


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