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We have bought several horses at either auction or from individuals who couldn’t ride them because of behavioral issues. One was a sweet, larger pony mare we bought for $175.00 at an auction. She was three, and had been to auctions three times. She sold as a sound and green broke, but too hot for kids. Our oldest daughter trained her for her younger sister. She has made an incredible gaming pony that can run the patterns pretty much on her own. She can compete against many of the horses due to her speed and great turns, and does it all without being whipped or spurred. When we first started to haul her, she would get a worried look in her beautifully soft, expressive eyes as she got on the trailer. We knew she worried what changes she would face this time, and yet she was always obedient. After some time, the worried looks went away as she became confident that she would always return to her stall, pasture, mates and people. Often, her kids, who have now outgrown her, will have episodes of what they call “butterfingers,” where extra feed falls mysteriously into her bucket. Will I sell her as my kids all outgrow her? No.

This is what “right horse” means to me.
That partner who fits your level of skill; who works with your personality to form that memorable bond that makes you eyes tear up every time you think of them, long after they have passed away. The horse that I look forward to seeing again in heaven.


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