Shelley + Beckham

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My first horse adoption story is my PMU foal, Beckham. I was looking for a young project horse and learned about PMU foals. I started scanning rescue websites and came across a picture of a beautiful Perch/TB cross. I decided to sleep on it and had a dream about him that night. I awoke the next morning, ran to the computer and bought him.

He spent the summer growing up with his mother and was shipped to me when he was weaned at six months. At the time, I had become interested in dressage after spending many years at AQHA shows, so I bought a dressage saddle and dove in to see where this journey took us.

Beckham proved to be a fun horse from the beginning. He has always been a willing, fast learner. I have always felt safe around him.

I have backed and trained Beckham on my own with lessons and clinics. We may not have progressed as fast as some, but it is all about the journey. I wanted to learn how to train and ride my own horse. It has been the best experience, and I love riding him. Beckham can win at a show one day and go for a trail ride the next. He calls to me every time he hears my voice. (It’s how everyone knows I’m home from work!) We have had a few pretty big health-related setbacks over the years, but we have fought through it together. In 2016, we earned the last score needed for my USDF bronze medal after some significant time off from a suspensory injury. Beckham is amazing – and a horse that many would have turned down because of where he came from. I wouldn’t trade him for any other horse in the world.

This is what “right horse” means to me.
The right horse is the horse that you click with. It’s a horse you are excited to see every day, the one who gives their heart and learns with you, the one you give your heart to. The horse you love being with because they make you happy.


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